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600+/- Acre Clark Ranch For Sale 

Clark Ranch For Sale 

The Clark Ranch is located in a quiet, scenic portion of southwestern Dewitt County. In the same family for 100 years, this ranch has an abundance of wildlife and is rarely hunted. The majestic oaks, South Texas browse and native pasture provide excellent habitat for the abundant wildlife in the area. Suitable uses for this ranch include hunting, grazing, and recreation. This property is also an excellent candidate for a high fence ranch.

LOCATION & ACCESS: Located 6-miles south of Yorktown, Texas, off Charco Road. The ranch has 2,845 ft. asphalt frontage on Charco Road and has a 1-1/2 mile all-weather caliche road along the north fence line. Interior all-weather roads and several senderos provide access throughout the ranch. Approximately 2.5 hours to Houston, 2 hours to San Antonio and 2 hours to Austin.

RANGELAND & HABITAT: Approximately 2/3 of the ranch is heavily wooded with thick brush providing excellent wildlife habitat. The vegetation is diverse and includes live oaks, post oaks and a mix of South Texas brush. The remaining acreage is native open pastureland with scattered trees.

TOPOGRAPHY & SOILS: Ranch soils consist mostly of different sandy loams and are considered productive soils. Topography gradually slopes from the highest point of 380 ft. on the north east portion down to 320 ft. along a draw running the length of the property and ponding in the southern portion of the ranch near a concentration of large live oak trees.

WATER: Ranch has one stock tank near Charco Road, currently dry, and one active water well. Seasonal runoff creates large wetland areas in the southern portion the ranch, providing excellent water source for wildlife.

WILDLIFE: This area is known to produce quality whitetail deer. Turkey, deer and hogs are abundant while the native pastureland provides good habitat for quail.

IMPROVEMENTS: Improvements include electricity to the property interior and miles of all-weather caliche roads. Fencing is in average to good condition. One active water well.

Property Details

Acres:  599.83+/-

Price:  $2,999,150

County:  Dewitt Co.

Address:  Charco Road

The Clark Ranch

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The Clark Ranch Brochure